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  • 10" BROWN/BEIGE "marble"  / 300

The Broadsiders - Pressed To Kill

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Beispiel Tracks

Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Castle Law 00:02:54
2 Southern Identity 00:01:42
3 1836 00:02:51
4 Lion's Den 00:02:54
5 Reaction 00:03:01
6 Face Value 00:02:15
7 Modern Times 00:03:36
8 Mid-City Martyrs (Redux) 00:02:52
Gesamtlänge: 00:22:05  


Bahn frei für die Broadsiders aus Dallas, Texas!
Wenn Alex DeLarge statt auf den guten alten Ludwig Van auf hammerharten Oi! stehen würde, wären die Broadsiders der ideale Soundtrack für ein bisschen Ultra-Brutal! Im Ernst, mit "Pressed To Kill" geht die Band erneut einen Schritt weiter Richtung Cream of the Crops: Verdammt TEMPLARS beeinflußter Ami-Oi! ("Castle Law"), dazu ein klitzekleiner Schuss landestypischen Southern Rock ("Southern Identity") und das Ganze alles mit Vollgas durch die Boxen gedroschen!
THE BROADSIDERS zählen für mich zu den derzeit kompromisslosesten und besten amerikanischen Oi! Bands. 100% Skinhead Rock N'Roll.
Contra/Longshot 07,2010


BROADSIDERS – “Pressed to Kill” 10”
Seven songs of skinhead rock from Texas in the tradition of the TEMPLARS
and early SKREWDRIVER (in a back-when-they-were-awesome-and-not-racist way).
This isn’t as classy as the TEMPLARS at their best, and some of the guitar
leads are a little over the top, but make no mistake—this totally rocks. If
you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands, be sure to check this out. (JH)
(Longshot / Contra)


Dallas street rock'n'roll. I heard some positive stories about their music, so i wanted to check out their newest record. The vocals sound over the top, the record is pourly produced and the songs don't impress me either. Sorry, not my cup of tea

Emptyhands Webzine

While not a duplicate, rip-off, or even an homage to the list of bands coming; The Broadsiders find elements of some of my favorite oi/punk bands from the last two decades: Soldier 76, Brassknuckle Boys, No Holds Barred, The Templars, The GC5, and The Bruisers ("Cruisin'..." era). These boys are from Texas and tell you repeatedly. That Lone Star Pride is blunt and obvious. The Texan dirty rock and roll is infused into a blazing punk rock sound; on a strong Oi! backbone.

This is a hard-edged sound on top of an infectious rock and roll foundation. Often there is a frantic idle bubbling of tension backed by a wandering twang of guitar strings. Lots of energy and it is frothing over this tight, crisp unit of chords and drums. Lots of parts to raise a glass to and sing along with.

Note the bullets on the cover. This is Texas. and it ain't the happy part. Are you up for a ride in a broken down truck on a dusty road to nowhere? Grasping rot gut, a warm High Life and a shotgun. The man took half your paycheck, government is taking over, your back hurts, boss cut overtime, society spits on you and your girl is a little too flirtacious with your brother. this is the soundtrack.

Best of the chaotic derisions:
"Southern Identity"
"Modern Times"

Pick it up!
Cool colored 10" with Digital Download


Longshot Music / Contra Records
10" Vinyl
Oi! /Street Punk/ Rock & Roll

Track Listing:

A1 Castle Law

A2 Southern Identity

A3 1836

A4 Lion's Den

B1 Reaction

B2 Face Value

B3 Modern Times

With all the records I have been reviewing of Oi! bands with Mod sounds (which I love) it is good to listen to a band that has that classic American Oi and rock & roll sound that I love.

This is the first review I am writing for The Broadsiders and trust me it will not be the last. This is the fourth release of this Texas Oi! outfit and just like their other records, this one is high quality and top notch. On this record you even get more of a southern rock sound with trashy guitars. Do not think for a minute it is any less Oi! This album is American Oi! plan and simple from the heart.

Castle Law comes out of the gate holding no punches. A blunt Oi! sound with touches of rock guitar make this song a keeper. Austin delivers in your face brash lyrics about the right to defend your home with lethal force. Yes, it is a brash song bold and in your face and I love it for that. I agree with the sentiment of this song and it is a throw back to when American Oi was in your face and brash.

Southern Identity is without question my favorite track on this 10". Heavy rock & roll sound. The mix of southern rock guitars and Oi! is near perfect on this track. The song shouts out the pride they have for the region of this great country. They follow up that barn burner with another hard rocker about..... you guessed it Texas. I love the line in the song "so you can go to hell and I'll go to Texas." Two really good songs. The final track on the A side is Lion's Den. Nice mid tempo rocker about a hard man living a hard life on the streets. I like the way the chorus works on this song followed up by some nice heavy drumming.

Reaction is the first track on the B side. This track has that classic American Oi! feel to it with Austin singing lyrics of Frustration and the whiskey soaked violence it can lead to. I like how they take a song about violence (God knows, there are one million Oi! songs about this) and show it from the inside. He is not writing about how tough he is, he is saying he is so angry that the bomb in his head will blow.

They follow that up with Face Value, probably my least favorite track on this record. It is good just not as good as the others. Modern Times finishes this record off. What a great song to finish this Hammer of a record off with. This one has it all: a great sound, nice sing-along parts, and good lyrics delivered with passion and soul.

Threr are a lot of good bands coming out of Texas and I have to say The Broadsiders are the cream of the crop.
4.5 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of The Bruisers, The Weekend Bowlers, Vanguard, Niblick Henbane, Southern Rock, and Texas.

Backstreet Battalion Skinzine

9 / 10 points

The Broadsiders - Pressed to Kill

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

The Broadsiders is the band from capital of Texas, Dallas and this 10´´ is their fourth released think and it is out on well cooperated labels Contra Records and Longshot Music. On brown/beige LP you will find 7 songs called Castle Law, Southern Identity, 1836, Lion´s Den, Reaction and Face Value. Album is recorded in three pieces line up but with two guitars – lead guitarist Dan recorded also bass guitar. Music is skinhead rock´n´roll like Templars or Brass Tacks but with many more solos thanks to the second guitar. Whole sound is spiced by Southern rock. The band is really proud that they coming from the South – just listen to the song Southern Identity – about guns and big Dodge vans or to the song 1836 about the founding of Texas state. Other songs are about the decisions which you have to make when you are young and this decision can affect your whole life (Lion´s Den), the law to own a gun (Castle Law), some good alcohol fueled violence (Reaction), about posers who changing their views like socks (Face Value) and the last one and for me the best one from the album called Modern Times which is about the fact that time is marching on and we have to deal with it. I really like whole album…the style which they play plus Southern rock influences. LP is hidden in the cover with lyrics and thankslist. It is whole made like newspapers (also the cover of the whole LP) so I was little bit confused when I see it but at the end I find out how to read the lyrics. Good piece of music with great graphic and for the fans of LP´s and classic sound this is a must have album!