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  • The Hard Targets - File Under Maximum R&B

The Hard Targets - File Under Maximum R&B

Pressinfo: 7`EP A side/B side red and grey - 250 Stück => im Shop
7`EP black wax - 100 Stück => im Shop
7`EP Clear with black haze - 250 Stück => im Shop
7`EP Total Edition - 600 Stück => im Shop


The Hard Targets sound betrays a range of influences ranging from protopunk, bootboy glam, pub rock and power pop. It's been variously described as "gritty rock'n'roll "and "man music" and their debut seven inch urges it to be filed under "maximum r'n 'b".

This self titled release comes courtesy of a collaboration of the Contra (Germany), Longshot (United States) and Three Stars (Australia) labels. It kick starts a collector series called Diamonds in the Rough featuring a new breed of similarly styled bands.

It is a double A sided 45rpm Pirate Pressed slab of petrochemical goodness featuring three tracks - Dogs and Fleas, Champagne and Nothin' Left to Prove.

If you're a fan of older bands like Eddie and the Hotrods, Slade or the Undertones, or newer bands such as the Sydney Ducks, the Penny Cocks or Stamford Bridge, check out the sounds of The Hard Targets.

The Hard Targets features current and former members of bands such as Marching Orders, Bulldog Spirit, Mindsnare and The Terrace.

Moloko Plus fanzine

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Im härtesten Triple-Freihand-Massaker des Jahrzehnts zwischen Noddy "The Slade" Holder, Jeff "Stinky" Turner und Gary "Angry" Anderson stehen die Zeichen auf 10:0 für Koma, matschige Feilchen und reihenweise fliegende Vorderzähne.