Lion's Law - The Pain,The Blood And The Sword 12"LP black incl. download code

“From the Scene by the Scene for the Scene”

Lion’s Law has joined forces with streetpunk labels from all over the globe to serve up their new album;
"The Pain the Blood and the Sword" will be released worldwide this spring, and these lads are ready to take over, together with the support of the strongest forces in the streetpunk world.

Lion’s Law are absolutely integral and a dominant force in today's Punk scene.
Playing their own shows around the world,
headlining big Oi! and Punk Festivals, joining tours with bands like Terror, The Exploited, and countless more…. these boys
are an unstoppable machine; and this new album proves it even further.

During the last year the band has been rehearsing and recording different demos to finally record their best album todate.
No boundaries exist when we talk about Lion’s Law. Take a blender, toss in some classic Oi!, streetpunk and
hardcore, and get ready to enjoy a completely fresh flavor of raised fists and powerful sing-alongs.

This album shows the true songwriting prowess that defines Lions Law.
It’s a barrage of anthems set to permeate a full spectrum of the world’s Oi!, Punk and Hardcore scenes; further defining and bringing their own trademark sound to new
heights; with no boundaries!
Open your ears, play it LOUD. Yes, PLAY IT LOUD!!! ...and let these sons of Oi! come and get you!!!!


01 Intro
02 PBS
03 The Reaper
04 Destin Criminel
05 Escape
06 Un Jour
07 Roses And Fire
08 Fidèle
09 The Enemy
10 Damaged Heart
11 Sablier
12 Revenge
13 Pathfinder
14 Destined To Fall

We are grateful to be part of this project together with: HFMN CREW / Pirates Press Records / Cargo Records Germany / Contra Records / LSM Vinyl / CoreTex / The FIRM

Records / Comandante Records / Barroom Heroes Shop / Une vie pour rien Vinyles

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