Long Tall Shorty - LOTTSAPPOPAZ 12"LP

Legendary UK Mod Punk legends are back with a new studio album.
Tony Feedback went into the studio to record 13 new cuts with Ian Whitewood (Sham 69) and John Woodward (Angelic Upstarts).
If the Yardbirds with Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Tony Feedback on vocals with his insurgent Mod lyrics had released their first record in 1977 when they were teenagers, they would sound something like this!!!

All I Need
Car Body Repair Shop
I Want To Be Alone
The Chase
The Gambler
The Girl Who Couldn`t Say No
Raise Your Voice
See How They Run
To Be
I´m With Stupid

Formed at school in 1978 by Tony Perfect and Keith Mono & soon became one of the darlings of the Mod Revival movement!
'1970s Boy' was already recorded in February 1979 and before most of the later poped up Mods knew what a Mod was.
But after a long delay their debut single did not hit the streets before end of '79. The fanzine 'Maximum Speed' #9 from 1979 described it in the following way:
"Wankers of the week award goes to WEA Records..." for holding the single in the can for about six month.

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