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Living Proof’ is the sophomore release from this veteran Australian streetpunk band. Following up the ‘Days Gone By’ LP from 2011 that quickly sold out it’s first pressing (and is steadily selling through a second pressing), this album is set to be bigger and better! With evolving and improved song-writing and production quality, this album covers a range of subject matter including classism, societal ills and a nostalgic look back to the past with the previously released single ‘Songs Of Yesterday’. Do not be misled by the more refined production though as this band is still driven by their punk rock roots and maintain their energy and passion and play with true grit as always…

Since they formed in 2002, MARCHING ORDERS have been at the forefront of the Australia skinhead and streetpunk scene that is currently on the ascendency which includes other bands like RUST, THE CORPS and SLICK 46 to name a few. This new wave of Australian rock’n’roll could put Australia back on the map like their predecessors ROSE TATTOO and AC/DC did before them! Contra Records 2013

01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Guilty By Suspicion
03. Living Proof
04. Callous World
05. Nothing To Lose
06. Hand Of Fate
07. Spirit Of ‘84*
08. Place Called Home
09. The Party’s Over
10. Rich Man
11. Songs Of Yesterday
• The song ‘Spirit Of 84’ includes guest vocals by Iain Kilgallon of CONTROL (UK).
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