Melmacs, The - Good Advice 12"LP

With Good Advice The Melmacs put their first 12'' record in the balance: weighing in at 10 songs, very nice, very evil, stabbing you in the back, blowing out your earwax, rising the sun with it‘s bare hands, nudging you on the dancefloor: no armpit left dry, no voice unhoarse, no haircut prim and proper: 100% hits, 100% fidgetity, `til your bottoms burn!
(Wanda/ 2022)

01. Good Advices
02. Stage Fright
03. Can't See You
04. Low Life
05. Retrospective Life
06. Yes But
07. Out Of My Way
08. Watch Out
09. Saturday Night
10. Carry On
11. Planet Melmac

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