Monster Squad ‎- "Fire The Faith" - 12"LP + bonus Flexi 7” (including 2 never before released songs)

This quality reissue by Voltage Records in 2019 comes with deluxe packaging including the original debut 11 song LP.
A huge 18" x 24" full color Monster Squad poster & a bonus Flexi 7” including 2 never before released songs recorded during the same studio session that birthed the original 'Fire The Faith' album.

A1 Fire The Faith
A2 Unmasked
A3 Force Fed
A4 You Are Not Alone
A5 All These Things
A6 Dirt
B1 Separate The Lines
B2 The Curse (Pay The Prize)
B3 Pull Me Away
B4 Abrasive
B5 A Nightmare To Consume

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