Negative Vibes - Broken Mind 12"LP lim.80 yellow

Raging 80s hardcore, and raw street punk that is Negative Vibes from Warsaw Poland and yes they share also members with Lazy Class.On their first full length you get 12 blistering anger and powerful tunes including a cover of “Policja” by 90s anarcho-queer crust punks HOMOMILITIA.
For fans of Negative FX,SS-Decontrol,Slapshot,86 Mentality....


A1 Powered By Anger
A2 When I'm Dead
A3 Void
A4 To The Ground
A5 Broken Mind
A6 Please Come Closer
B1 Dystopia
B2 False Pride
B3 Best Days Of My Life
B4 Pressure
B5 Policja
B6 Like An Ash

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