After two full albums, countless tapes and 7”es, Neon Bone is back with his 3rd full-length 'That Dog Won't Hunt'!
And again the poppunk-mastermind delivers! 12 ultra-poppy, ultra-catchy giftboxes for you to unwrap.
This time there's an even bigger 50s/60s jukebox feel to it.
Like drinking big german beers at the highschool dance.
In a fair world, this record would top the charts, and Lookout! Records would rise from the death for the next Neon Bone release.
Brought to you in association with Mom's Basement Records!

A1 Waiting
A2 Nothing To Show
A3 Beyond Compare
A4 Break My Heart
A5 Lose Yourself
A6 There She Goes
B1 Back On The Road
B2 Mad About You
B3 Maybe It's Just Me
B4 The End Of The World
B5 On And On
B6 Hold On To Yourself

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