NO MISTAKE -Connect The Dots...7"EP lim. dark marbled purple

Folded paper cover with Lyrics and credits inside
If you like Negative Approach, SSD, Straight Ahead, Youth of Today, and all that - here you go. "Hard, fast, brutal" (Sparkplug) 9 songs, about 10 minutes of music. Features ex-GO! (Mike Bullshit), Permanent Ruin, In Disgust, and singer used to be a Slapshot roadie, for what that's worth. From Sparkplug mag: “Once upon a time hardcore had no metal influence. It was as poppy as homicide. Great dinosaurs roamed the earth with names like SSD, YDI, Jerry's Kids, Negative Approach, and so on. You could honestly feel the bands were actually straining themselves terribly if the song made it to TWO WHOLE MINUTES?!?!?!?! This sounds EXACTLY like that. You aren’t going to make guitar poses, fall in love, dance in a quirky cute manner. Yer gonna SLAM and yer gonna dig it. Good production, straight ahead attack hard core, just like your mamma used to cook up.” This is a co-release between Refuse Records and No Mistake, Suburban Thrash Records (USA), CC Fundacion (Spain) and Guerilla Vinyl (France)


A1 Rich's Song
A2 Crossed Words
A3 We Stole Hawai'i
A4 Expiration Date
B1 Respect
B2 Unlucky You
B3 We Are Enemies
B4 FBLA (Future Business Leaders Of Americe)
B5 Unibrower
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