OI POLLOI - Total Anarchoi 12"LP lim.100 red

The whole album has been completely re-mastered, the"live" side now features the whole gig without any breaks between the tracks so is now one long recording, but there are track idents if you want to choose tracks.... 

Also a printed inner bag with lots of new sleeve notes by Deek.

300 copies only

100 red vinyl

200 black vinyl 

4 test pressings 

side 1 (studio)

1. Nuclear Waste

2. Boot Down The Door

3. Pigs For Slaughter

4. Scum

5. Thrown On The Scrapheap

6. Punx Picnic

7. Mindless few

8. Unite And Win

side 2 (live)

1. Omnicide

2. Americans Out

3. Pigs For Slaughter

4. Thugs In Uniform

5. Nazi Scum

6. Nuclear Waste

7. Free The Henge

8. Punx Picnic 

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