Oil! - The Honour Of Glory 12"LP

This is the regular 3mm spine Cover.

20 Years after Oil! released with "THE GLORY OF HONOUR" their debut Album
comes now "THE HONOUR OF GLORY" (seriously,no joke!).
12 brandnew Songs for the ones that like their Oi! spiced with some Oil!

comes co-released with Mr. Face Records in the US

A1 I Joined for the Boots
A2 Drink, Fight, Work
A3 Violent Boot Party
A4 US Football Thugs Part II- Excitacio
A5 50 Yard Cunt Punt
A6 We Like To Riot
B1 Top Boy
B2 She Left Me (Mates)
B3 Fuck the Metric System
B4 hooligan
B5 I'm Violent
B6 Unite To Fight (To Unite)

press info:
400x regular 3mm spine Cover
76x Black/Gold screen printed cover
34x Pink screen printed cover
22x Grey screen printed cover
14x Blue screen printed cover
15 x Red/Gold screen printed Testpress cover

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