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“Antifascist Oi! – Live And Loud!!” is not the first, and most likely not the last one either, live album by Cardiff’s own, The Oppressed. But it indeed is the latest live album by the veterans of antifascist Oi!, that was recently released on CD as a joint-release between Aggrobeat Records and Rusty Knife. With a total of twenty-two songs, each one following the other up in a rapid speed, “Antifascist Oi! – Live And Loud!!” provides you with a whole lot of bang for your buck! Recorded live in Freiburg (Germany) on the 24th of November in 2012, both the quality of the recordings and selection of songs is absolutely top-notch, providing exactly what you want to hear, a collection of typical ‘The Oppressed-ified’ covers and smashing classics from the 80’s (and 90’s)! But even with the addition of this CD, I can count all The Oppressed’s releases in my collection on one hand. I never particularly been a fan of the band, but when you fiercely kick-off your live-set with anthems like “Work Together” and “Ultra Violence”, the tone for the rest of this live album is immediately set. Mostly filled with tracks from the classic debut “Oi! Oi! Music!” and 1996’s “Music For Hooligans”, it’s a feast of recognition with “Run From You”, “Sleeping With The Enemy”, “Living With Unemployment”, “Urban Soldiers”, “Joe Hawkins”, “Hooligans”, “Victims”, “We’re The Oppressed”… and then there are seven more covers that anyone into Oi!, punk and ska will recognize! Just make sure that your throat is scraped and there is a drink in reach, because you’ll find yourself singing along almost instantly until the final chords fade away! Oi! Oi!!

Trackliste 1 Work Together 2 Ultra Violence 3 Monkey Man 4 Run From You 5 Football Violence 6 Sleeping With The Enemy 7 The AFA Song 8 Don't Look Back 9 Living With Unemployment 10 Skinhead Girl 11 Boots For Stompin' 12 Urban Soldiers 13 I Don't Wanna 14 Joe Hawkins 15 Do Anything You Wanna Do 16 BNP (Full Of Shit) 17 Hooligans 18 Victims 19 We're The Oppressed 20 Skinhead Times 21 Cum On Feel The Noize 22 Antifa Hooligans


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