Pleasure Trap - All-nighter 12"GF-LP lim.100 natural clear

comes in high quality cardboard Gatefold Cover with Lyrics

Pleasure Trap from Warsaw/Poland deliver on this their first Release (except a limited Promo CD) a well mix of Soul,Modish Powerpop Sound that reminds at one moment to The Ruts or in the next to The Jam or The Who till you get kicked by a 77'styled singalong and knocket out by a 2Tone smaher.
To define their music you would need to create probably a word as these guys aren't think in Genres it's a just pure "All-Nighter".
Singer Eryk earned it's stripes still in Lazy Class still and also all other members know what they do and use Casual not only as a cool Slogan for their Music.

Side A
Burn This Floor
The Only Solution
Freedom To Palfreeman
Sould Of The Casual
Welcome To The Real World

Side B
Below Zero
Last Night
Going To Wait
Babylon Burn
Wasted World

Press Info
100 x natural clear,
100 x turquoise
100x clear/turquoise splatter

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