R​É​GICIDE - "Immortels" 12"LP

Amazing debut by this band hailing from the mountains and valleys of Switzerland with 5 tracks-plus-intro of Heavy Metal infused OI! with such an absurd amount of epicness that will make you want to horse charge, sword in the air, towards a riot police line or climb the Eiger's north face, barefoot and with a full armour on. Yeah, like that. Check those monumental riffs, those battle drums, the guitar leads, listen to the choruses, this is the perfect soundtrack to beheading kings and queens in front of overjoyed crowds or a triumphant march of peasants after overthrowing the lords. So yeah if you like your OI! with strong influences from Heavy Metal and stories of epic battles and warriors fighting the power, this is definitely for you.
Tue Ton Roi!!!

Pressing info:
-350 copies on black vinyl
-150 copies on pink marble vinyl

Jackets printed on inside-out 350gr cardstock, inner sleeves printed on inside-out 250gr cardstock. Includes a 60x30cm poster, sticker and protective outer plastic sleeve.

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Genre Oi!/Punk, HC-Punk/Hardcore
Vinylcolour schwarz
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