Rancoeur - s/t 12"LP

Oi! meets Post-Punk and you can guess it, right from France!
Rancœur from Nancy share members with Streets of Rage and Lorelei.
This their debut on Vinyl comes handnumbered and with stunning screenprint foldoutcover.

co produced by a bunch of europes finest labels and 100%DIY

1. Rancœur 03:34
2.Un Autre Futur 02:46
3.L’Enfer 02:10
4.Roulette Russe 01:20
5.Soledad 03:25
6.Angoisse 01:37
7.Braquage 02:16
8.Errance 02:39
9.Crève Coeur 02:49
10.La Dent Creuse 03:10
11.Suicide (Caméra Silens cover) 03:49

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