Rude Pride - "Be True to Yourself" - 12"LP

In 2014 Rude Pride from Madrid released their first EP and right after their first full length both via Spirit Of The Streets Records since then they played off shows from South America to all over Europe and built up a unique sound mixed with different influences from Reggae/Soul/Oi!/Punk.
We are proud to have these Records now available again as final pressing with a fully new arranged Artwork as homage to the first pressing and right in time for their last shows!

A1 Hated & Rejected 3:45
A2 Wrong Way 3:53
A3 Outta My Way 2:53
A4 Crisis Sons 3:34
A5 No Problem 2:36
B1 Golden Fists 3:48
B2 Screaming Oi! 4:01
B3 We'll Never Change 1:59
B4 Flag On Fire 3:32
B5 Living A Lie 3:26

press info:
500x black
500x red

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