Section-5 ‎- Street Rock 'N' Roll 12"LP lim. 325 black

Includes 3 bonus tracks not included on the original release, these tracks are taken from recordings made from the compilation "Oi! The Main Event"

A1 Madman
A2 Didn't Like My Face
A3 Remember The Night
A4 Work It Out
A5 City Of The Night
A6 Dance Dance Dance
A7 Every Saturday (Bonus) Oi! The Main Event
B1 Who Shall It Be?
B2 Stand Up
B3 Back In The U.S Of A
B4 Loser
B5 Last Train Out Of Cardiff
B6 Street Rock 'N' Roll
B7 For the Love of Oi! (Bonus) Oi! The Main Event
B8 Madman (Bonus) Oi! The Main Event

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