Self Inflict - s/t 7"EP lim. 354 black

This band released last year a demo tape with 4 tracks and i loved it. Got in contact with them and boom, few months later here you have the demo tracks plus two new unreleased rippers, 6 songs in total of raging US80's influenced Hardcore Punk, straight forward, no bullshit, non stop tupa-tupa delicacy that leaves you wanting more of their craft.

Not a single filler here, just 5 great pissed off rapid fire hardcorepunk songs with a few properly placed breakdowns to help take your breath back with occasional guitar leads here and there to sweaten the deal and 1 mid tempo stomper that induces you to apply physical violence against anything around and beyond.

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Hersteller Mendeku Diskak Records
Genre Oi!/Punk, HC-Punk/Hardcore
Vinylcolour schwarz
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