Smart Attitude – Punkrockmolotowcocktail 7"EP lim.100 red incl download

Steeltown Records / Contra Records

comes with download and lyric sheet

review American oi :

After a self-titled cassette and two 45’s, one of Germany’s most explosive punkrock molotov cocktails – Smart Attitude – is back with their first ever EP! Co-released between Steeltown Records and Contra Records, “Punkrockmolotowcocktail” is - with a title like that, indeed the bang you’d expect it to be!

With a mixture of raucous skinhead rock ‘n’ roll and exciting punkrock, Smart Attitude really outdid themselves on this new slab of wax – definitely delivering their best work to date! The four songs on “Punkrockmolotowcocktail” are stuffed with energy, extreme catchiness and easy to pick up and sing along to, that I just keep on listening to this EP over and over again – I just can’t help myself!
Fans from the first hour, or who at least own the aforementioned cassette on Up Yours! Tapes, might recognize the tracks “On The Run” (which was also featured on the second volume of “Clockwork Street Anthems”) and “PRMC” (“Punkrock Molotov Cocktail”) – though these re-recordings obviously sound better than ever before! The remaining two anthems – “Skinhead Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Like U” – are completely new, but sound just as great! I’m loving it.

And if you’re into bands like The Janitors, The Beltones, The Fanatiques and of course - The Templars, you’ll probably love these guys as well! Hurry up though, because despite that this new EP isn’t as limited as 2016’s “Stolz & Frei” single, only 257 copies of “Punkrockmolotowcocktail” exist on red (100 copies) and black (157 copies) vinyl!

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