Sputa ‎- No Redemption 12"LP

Mixing 80’s American Hardcore Punk, in the vein of bands like Boston Stranglers, Protester and Trash Talk, with Metal influences and a slight Italian touch, “No Redemption” presents 9 tracks of ruthless, hateful and uncompromising Hardcore Punk engineered for pit starters and stage diving lovers.

A1 Existenz 1:28
A2 Walk On Actor 1:41
A3 Old Crap, Same Game 1:19
A4 Bigmouth 1:42
A5 Endless Circle 2:04
B6 All That Glitters Is Not Gold! 1:59
B7 Waste 1:57
B8 Harmless Resignation 1:41
B9 Conformity Control 2:01

produced by:
Abnegat ‎– Abnegat 009, Passion Means Struggle ‎– PMS003, La Agonía De Vivir ‎– LADV141, Fresh Outbreak , SEDATION ‎, Mastice Produzioni ‎, Goodwill Records ‎, Choices Of Your Own

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Genre Oi!/Punk, HC-Punk/Hardcore
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