Stealers - Never Enough 12"LP

It took four years and a line-up change, but finally your favorite pack of outlaws from the raunchy, mean streets of Rotterdam City are back with new sounds... new schemes... new hustles and a new plan of attack - theSTEALERS!
Reduced to a three-piece outfit, STEALERS' long awaited third album "Never Enough" is the first record to feature the band's latest patron Jesse on both lead-vocal and bass guitar duties.
Ripping it up from the get-go, these masked savages introduce nine new tracks, while taking their raucous, hard rockin' street rock 'n' roll to the next level - resulting in a criminally good record you'll - indeed - never have enough of!

A1. One Step Closer
A2. Shoot The Man Down
A3. Little Bit
A4. SituB1. I’ve Been Waiting
B2. Ride
B3. Free
B4. Game
B5. Crawling

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