Struggle,The - Banging My Head - MCD

6 Song MCD featuring some old, new , borrowed and blue.DIY selfmade by the Band!

comes with insert 

reviwe by Mass Movement

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…uh..Else…  Six tracks of righteous street punk from the lovable Northern lads. The title track kicks things off with a mid-paced stomper featuring guest vocals from members of Rigid Digits, Last Rough Cause and Boilermaker.  It’s a decent slice of Angelic Upstarts style punk rock, propelled by some neat little bass runs and a solid chunk of guitar. Next up is another new track, the imaginatively titled ‘Rat Race’, a faster affair in the UK82 style of GBH/ Oxymoron. The band’s two tracks from their “Core Tex Selector” 7” are up next, and maintaining the eclecticism of The Struggle, display the bands Rock n Roll side on the title track while “Bore Me” reprises the style of the aforementioned ‘Rat Race’.  ‘That Was Then’ from the   ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk vol. 5’ compilation album rounds up the band’s original tracks; a slow burning rocker with some proper old school Oi, gravel throated vocals. Closing proceedings the band faithfully reproduce the Reducers SF’s ‘What’s It All About’, a band I’ve always thought The Struggle share more than a few things in common with; It’s a beery, cheery, good natured way to wrap up the EP. Cheers lads! Ian Pickens

Tracklist :

Banging My Head
Rat Race
That Was Then
Core Tex Selector
Bore Me
WHats It All About

Banging My Head by The Struggle

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