SUBURBS - The Good Times Are Gone - # package deal T-Shirt + CD Digipack

An ludicrous imbalance: Germany has probably the biggest scene in Europe, but only a few good Oi! bands compared to it's neighbors. But now THE SUBURBS from Berlin. Headed by the impressive voice of vocalist Holgi who was also known as the former voice in TOWERBLOCKS. But THE SUBURBS sound much more british, a lot more like a band from the 80is. A good but not too clean production - which is matching to the faces of the band members who are all no rookies in playing in an Oi! band. A bit of INFA RIOT mixed with a dose of COCKNEY REJECTS - aggressive and melodic music into the veins of the old classics. 
Oi! from Berlin, Germany. 

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The Suburbs
Buy Your Image
Punks On The Catwalk
Riot Kid
Working Poor
Addicted To Oi!
Police On My Back
Generation Vodka
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Violence Down The Subway
Oi! Boys
Same Old Shit

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