Suede Razors - No Mess, No Fuss, Just Pure Rock 'N' Roll CD

Due to extenuating circumstances the past couple of years, it has been quite quiet around West Coast’s premier bovver rock outfit SUEDE RAZORS. But now, nearly three years after their last single “The Bovver & The Glory”, the Bay Area rebel rousers are back with an all new mini-album for REBELLION RECORDS, titled “NO MESS. NO FUSS. JUST PURE ROCK’N’ROLL”!

Set to be released this Spring, “NO MESS. NO FUSS. JUST PURE ROCK’N’ROLL” beings you everything you loved about the SUEDE RAZORS, just tighter, more anthemic and stronger than ever before! That’s right, these Californian lads really outdone themselves on these six bovver rockin’ anthems, making sure this mini-album was definitely worth the wait!

Along with the new album, the SUEDE RAZORS will also be hitting the road again with a release show on the 29th of April in their hometown Oakland, followed up by a short UK tour (including the Rebellion Festival) in the Summer and a quick European tour (including the Pogorausch Festival) in the Fall, delivering some pure rock’n’roll in a town near you!

500x CD
8 page booklet, super jewel box

01. Anchors Aweigh
02. British Singles
03. I’m A Rebel
04. Stand Strong
05. Under The Clouds
06. Vive Le Rock

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