The 4 Sivits ‎- Time Has Gone By 12"LP+CD

Semi legendary HC/Punk Crossover from Nünchritz in east Germany.
To be named as one of the most incluencial local Bands in their Area and at their Time.
The Projects after and in between are as illustrious as the amount of Outpouts and reach from SS20,Tiny Ghosts,Shut The Fuck Up!
to numerous apperances on International compilations and split Releases with The Tangled Lines,SKRÄCK,Strange Corner(ITA)...

This LP includes a compilation CD of old & unreleased tracks with 33! extra Tracks.
Comes with trifold sleeve, color silkscreened / (appears to be) spraypainted.

Single-sided 12" Vinyl
A1 Destroy Where We Come From
A2 Dead Day
A3 New Wind
A4 Hunt The Time
A5 Cold Stone Heart
A6 No Reason To Fight
A7 Time Has Gone By
Compilation CD
1 I Wanna Be
2 Stupid Guy
3 Sweet Dreams
4 Not Tomorrow
5 Look Back For Future
6 Kick The Pigs
7 Rebelchild
8 Closed Mind
9 Olde Stuff, Olde Style
10 Protection
11 Same As It Ever Was
12 Shit To Me
13 Keep It Clean
14 As True As I Can Do
15 What's This Life For
16 Direction Death
17 Just The Truth
18 Power Of Music
19 Is There Some Hope
20 Call Me
21 Up To Now, So Far, It's Going Well
22 Live Right Now
23 Don't Give It Up
24 Buy The Sound On Wax
25 Existentialism
26 Hate You
27 Not For You
28 Boot Down The Door
29 Americans Are Cool
30 Let's Drink Some Beer
31 Is This My World
32 Ready To Fight
33 Skinhead Your Movement

CD Notes from Inner Sleeve:
Tracks 1-5 taken from "The 4 Sivits - The Fire Still Burns" 1997
Tracks 6-8, 32-33 taken from "The 4 Sivits - Ready To Fight" 1998
Tracks 9 & 10 taken from split 7" (The 4 Sivits / Strange Cornerords)
Tracks 11-17 taken from the 10", "The 4 Sivits - Same As It Ever Was" 2001/2002
Tracks 18-21 taken from the split LP with The Tangled Lines 2003
Tracks 22-26 taken from the split 7" (The 4 Sivits / Skräck - 4 Sivits, The / Skräck)

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