The New York Hounds - "God Bless the Royal Hounds" 12"LP lim. 300 baby blue cover

Presenting a release with the bite to compliment the bark around it.
"God Bless the Royal Hounds" is the debut release from the New York Hounds (formerly known as The Royal Hounds NYC) a rising Oi! group featuring members of Criminal, The Brass, Gestalts, and more.
The first press of copies sold in no time and is now again available as second press from OTB in North America and at Contra Records in Europe with each another version of Cover and Vinyl version!
One listen and you'll be hooked!
For fans of Cock Sparrer, Templars, Klaxon, Camera Silens.

01 - Heading Out
02 - Baby I Hope They Remember Me
03 - I Live For This
04 - Just A Dog Thing
05 - I Just Wanna Live This Way
06 - Love Lost Night
07 - Wine Drunk Lover

press info:
first press
330 black (OTB US version)
220 white (Contra Records EU version)

2nd press
250 Copies on Black Vinyl- ( OTB US version)
300 cream vinyl with baby blue cover (Contra EU version) this

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Hersteller Contra Records
Genre Oi!/Punk, Mod/Powerpop/Glamrock
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