Pissed Ones - Piss in your Pocket 12"LP

 1,2... FUCK YOU snotty 76'Punk from Dresden recorded by mighty Smail (the SHOCKS) after a overwhelming highly recommended Demo tape now this
10 Song masterpiece for fans of Briefs,Stitches,The Shoks,NIPPLE ERECTORS and stuff by Labels like Chiswick or Modern Action
if you miss these guys and love one of the named before we would feel bit sorry for you so please do yourself a favor and check these Guys before it's to late.

Eat That Rat Records 2016

Don't You Get It
A2 Boring
A3 Better Than You
A4 No Good
B1 Hair
B2 Fuck The Scene
B3 Need No
B4 Too Much Input
B5 Mailorder

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