Ultra Sect - Echoes From the Past - 12”MLP solid black (Contra EU-Version)

Lot has changed in the World since Ultra Sects debut "War of The Roses" in 2018.
But not those guys from California!
They stay persistent in a World full of Chaos.
6x brand new Songs filled with that Angry mid-tempo Oi!, powerful choruses and chords like we all loved from that classic 90's American Oi!
ffo: Those Unknown,Suede Razors,The Beltones,The Templars, Niblick Henbane...


A1: Public Enemy
A2: Ride the Storm
A3: Lead Us to Glory
B1: Nation on Fire
B2: No Allegiance
B3: Bread & Roses

Press Info:
200 Black - Metallic Bronze Cover (LSM Vinyl / Longshot Music)
100 Black - Blue Cover (Contra Records)
300 Gold/Blue Pinwheel - Blue Cover (Contra Records)
100 Cloudy Blue - Blue Cover (Turn Up The Oi! Records)
30 Hand Numbered Test Pressings

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