Ultra Sect - Martyris victoria 7"EP

With a band as talented and powerful as this, Ultra Sect made waves after their first two EP 7”s and 12” MLP ‘Echoes from the Past’. Back with two new tracks on 7” vinyl to coincide with their upcoming European tour, ‘Martyris Victoria’ encompasses their brand of powerful Oi!, creating a musical journey filled with forceful raw energy.

Formed by members of popular Bay Area groups SUEDE RAZORS, HOUNDS & HARLOTS and SYDNEY DUCKS, Ultra Sect’s direction is equally influenced by American Oi! bands from the likes of THE TEMPLARS and ANTI-HEROS to UK Oi! bands such as THE LAST RESORT and French Oi! bands like CAMERA SILENS and WARRIOR KIDS - creating their own musical blend of aggressive tough as nails Oi!

1. Mad Dog

1. The Strong Survive

100pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
250pcs. - 7" White Vinyl
250pcs. - 7" Electric Blue w/ Black Splatter Vinyl

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