V/A - A Country Fit For Heroes Volume One 12"LP+Poster lim. 250 black

Comes with two sided insert and 24"x24" poster of album cover.

Repressed for the first time since being released in '82, Puke N Vomit is releasing both volumes of what are now considered essential slices of '82 UK/punk/oi from the legendary No Future Records.
The comp features many exclusive and rare, early demo versions of tracks from well-known, scene-defining bands such as Violators, One Way System, Attak, and Crux, along with other obscure and lesser known bands such as Pseudo Sadists, Chaotic Youth, Protest, and Hostile Youth among others.

A1 –Blitzkrieg The Future Must Be Ours
A2 –The Violators Die With Dignity
A3 –The Violators Government Stinks
A4 –Hostile Youth Fight Back
A5 –The Samples Government Downfall
A6 –One Way System Jerusalem
B1 –Attak Blue Patrol
B2 –Protest Orders
B3 –Crux C.L.A.
B4 –Distortion Action Man
B5 –Pseudo Sadists Power Schemes
B6 –Chaotic Youth Whose Bomb

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