V/A - A Volta Ao Mundo Em Oi!tenta Minutos Vol. 2 CD (20 Tracks!)

Volume 2 of this quite legendary compilation from Brazil on CD ONLY.

A travel around the World Organized by Rotten Records, Zerowork Records, The Firm Records and Comandante Records.
20 bands from 20 different countries or autonomous states.

01 –The Adhocs Use Your Fists
02 –The Agrios La Adversidad
03 –Böiler Never Discuss Cheese With Rats
04 –Brutal Bravo The Last One Of Your Kind
05 –Espartacos Tatuajes
06 –F.A.V.L. Testadura
07 –Fuerza Bruta Enemigo
08 –Harry May Skinhead
09 –Horda Morte Ou Glória
10 –Kaleko Urdangak Zipaio
11 –Komintern Sect Pas De Limites
12 –The Last Resort Ballad Of A Working Man
13 –Mortalis Los Miserables
14 –Out Of Order Berlin Wall
15 –Reconquesta Valor Perduts
16 –Rust Skins And Punks
17 –Shaved Heads Слова
18 –Sindicato Oi! Jogo Injusto
19 –Sudor Obrero Sangre Violento
20 –The Young Ones On The Chin

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