V/A Bonecrusher/7er Jungs- Split 7"EP lim.600 Grey/Ox-Splatter

"Brickwall vs. Fuck All"
Contra Records

Well, what can I say about Bonecrusher?
You either love them or you hate them. I have to admit,
I love their crushing So-Cal Punk-Rock since the day I saw them, back in the 90's, for the first time live at HB's 'Vinyl Solution' and no surprise,
the gig ended very soon into a brawl with local knuckelheads.
Like on all their previous releases, these two songs are sounding crude and unrelenting as well as melodic and catchy.
With the infamous Raybo on vocals, Contra Records advertised the two songs as unreleased takes of the Crushers "Working For Nothing" era,
although that's not really true. Fans of the band know the songs "Working For Nothing" and "The Past Is Gone" already.
So what's the difference and why do I even like those versions more than the two songs on their official 98' release.
Well, beside of a different ending of "Working" and adjustments in "The Past",
these versions have a rawer edge and are full of anger and adrenaline. 1997 was a huge transitional time for Bonecrusher.
The band was down to Mike and Raybo. They asked Kevin of OC's 'Straight Faced' to play guitar and Duff to play drums.
They wrote half of what would become the "Working for Nothing" album over 6 months or so and recorded it all in one day.
The quality is rough but I think it captured an amazingly raw feeling and the "never quit" ethos that is Bonecrusher.
The only song previously released from that session was "Walk the Plank" on a 7" by Hostage Records. Therefore,
Contra Records is right in advertising two unreleased songs.
Up next are the 7er Jungs. Before I got the Split for this review, I didn't know any of their previous work and I can't recall, that I ever saw them live.
Probably because I always assumed they are connected with Krawallbrüder and for sure, they don't play the tunes to get me in front of a stage.
Fun fact: A former Crusher who played on those versions contacted me and asked: "Do you know 7er Jungs? Are they good guys?
Don't know anything about that band." Well, I said yes, they are good boys just of knowing Ecke and Hechti and what they are standing for.
With no expectations at all, I checked the two songs out and I must say,
I was blown away because the 3 guys from Cologne, Germany are playing US Oi at its best.
Honestly, I couldn't believe it and now I hate myself for ignoring them over the last years.
Checking on their releases prior "Brickwall vs. Fuck All" I'd say "Sympathy For Fools"
delivers the sorrow of their typical sound and I'd even make a comparison to the Brassknuckle Boys.
The second tune "German Angst", you couldn't describe it any better what's going on right now in the Fatherland,
 is more melodic and kicks ass with its higher vocals and catchy chorus.
There are no winners or losers on this killer split EP.
You play this 7" on your record player and you feel immediately hit by a bulldozer.
Who is into US Street Punk & Oi can't go wrong with Contra Records "Brickwall vs. Fuck All".
The battle of Bonecrusher vs. 7er Jungs gets 9 out of 10 points from me.

Godfather Billy

–Bonecrusher The Past Is Gone 3:10
–Bonecrusher Working For Nothing 2:41
–7er Jungs Sympathy Of Fools 2:35
–7er Jungs German Angst 2:41

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