V/A - Chaos In Tarragona 12"LP

Following in the wake of Chaos In Basque Country, and of course the original Chaos En France, Tough Ain't Enough Records is proud to present the new CHAOS IN TARRAGONA compilation featuring 11 bands!!
With a careful design by Pendenziero we have tried to maintain the spirit of this well-known saga of compilations.
Includes insert with lyrics and photos of the bands.

Side A:
Soldados de Kesse (AJUSTE DE CUENTAS)
Los del Sud us Matarem a Tots (BLOODY GUMS)
Patrimoni Mundial (CRIM)
Himnes de Merda (GROGGY RUDE)
Caminem Plegats (IMPULS)
False Flag Attack (THE ISSUES)

Side B:
Desgràcia (MASTEGOT)
Alça’t de Nou (REBELION)
Mi Ídolo Caído (THE GUNDOWN)

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