V/A Coupe Gorge/The Hammer - Split 7"EP lim.135 White Cover

The Hammer is a 4 piece heavy hardcore band from Gotenbörg, Sweden expect songs not even a minute straight in your Face like Negative Approach once on a Rampage in their best days.
COUPE GORGE is hitting hard as one of the new wave of French Bands like Syndrome,Rixe,Traitre.... with a bit Nostalgig touch of Camera Silens + a touch HC,

this Release will last not longer than their still SOLD OUT 7"Demo EP that's for sure!

Press Info:
300 Total

135 with Black Cover
135 with White Cover
30 with extra Spraypainted Cover



- The Hammer

Swallow The Blood



- The Hammer

Dead At Birth



- The Hammer

Nothing A Like



-Coupe Gorge




-Coupe Gorge

Pieds Et Poings Liés



-Coupe Gorge

Sombre Désespoir


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