V/A - Rudies All Around Vol. 1 - 12"LP lim.500

18 track compilation feat. bands from all over the globe, household names alongside some exciting newcomers

track list:
A1 Atsushi & The Moisties - A Sound Of The Ska
A2 Le Birrette - Mr. A
A3 The Bionic Rats - No Bottles No Milk
A4 Phoenix City All-Stars - London Calling
A5 Masons Arms - Von Vorn
A6 The Rulerz - Angels With Dirty Faces
A7 Miserable Man - Heart In A Fire
A8 The Uppertones - Hey Cumpari
A9 Los Aggrotones - Riding The Sonora
B1 Capone And The Bullets - Das Model
B2 Dan P. And The Bricks - The Show
B3 The Lions - When It Rains
B4 The Scotch Bonnets - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
B5 Travelers Allstars - Learned Lesson
B6 Rocksteady Sporting Club - My Own Queen
B7 Pama Intl* Meets Manasseh - Disobedient Dub
B8 The King Kong 4 - Profile Of A New Elite
B9 Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra - Balkan Dancehall

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