V/A STRENGTH THRU UNITY -"A Conne Island Benefit" 2x12"LP second press

Wir haben genau 50x „green-washed“ Vinyl - mystery Color für euch bei Contra Records.

Um dem Leipziger Conne Island durch die schwere Zeit der Pandemie zu helfen, fanden sich Anfang des Jahres 2021 insgesamt 31 Bands aus 7 verschiedenen Ländern zusammen, um auf diesem Sampler nicht nur die letzten drei Jahrzehnte des Clubs musikalisch abzufeiern, sondern dem „Eiskeller“ auch eine Zukunft zu ermöglichen.
Die Zweitpressung der Compilation kommt mit neuem Artwork in einem stylischen Klappcover, inklusive Download-Card, und bringt Euch 94 Minuten feinsten Hardcore, Punk and Oi!
Natürlich werden wieder 100 Prozent des Gewinns des Samplers an das Conne Island gespendet.

We have exactly 50x „green-washed“ Vinyl - mystery Color through Contra Records.

Early 2021, 31 bands from seven countries have joined forces to save the stage at Conne Island in Leipzig, Germany!
All bands and artists on this Benefit Compilation have close ties with the ‘Island’ and its crew and have helped to keep the place loud and rebellious over the last three decades.
The 2nd press of this Compilation comes with an altered artwork in a classic Gate-Fold-Cover and with a download card.
All proceeds will be donated to Conne Island!

2nd Press info:

500 x mystery Color for distros and supporter Labels
200 x black vinyl crew and band only version


COMEBACK KID - Little Soldier - from their ltd. Australia Tour 7"
DEATH BY STEREO - Death Is Our Equal - previously unreleased
SICK OF IT ALL - Into The Fray - from their Split 7" with The Eulogy
GREY AREA - Bad Anything - from their 2011 Split 12"
YOUTH OF TODAY - No More (Live @ Conne Island) - previously unreleased live recording
BE WELL - Pouring Rain - previously unreleased
FIELD DAY - Invitation - previously unreleased
FREEWILL - Why I'm Not Myself - previously unreleased
FULL SPEED AHEAD - Good Night White Pride - from their 2002 album

HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines - alter. Version
ANTIDOTE NYHC - Divided State - previously unreleased
BOYSETSFIRE - Rookie (Live in Leipzig) - previously unreleased on Vinyl and CD
VISION - Window Pain - previously unreleased
UP FRONT - Spirit (Live @ Conne Island) - previously unreleased live recording
EMPOWERMENT - Empowerment (Demo Tape 2009) - previously unreleased on Vinyl/CD
SFA - Good Morning - previously unreleased
BLOOD DAYS - Sacrifice - previously unreleased

COCK SPARRER - Sons Of The New Millennium - previously unreleased on vinyl
BEATSTEAKS - 48/49 - from their 1997 debut album "48/49"
TERRORGRUPPE - Mein Skateboard Ist Wichtiger Als Deutschland (Single Edit.) - previously unreleased on Vinyl and CD
PERKELE - The Winner - from their 2019 album "Leaders Of Tomorrow"
THE STRUGGLE - Rat Race - previously unreleased on vinyl
LIONS LAW - Destin criminel - from their 2020 album "The Pain, The Blood And The Sword"
THE YOUNG ONES - March Of The Gutter Kids - 2020 promotional compilation track
RYKER'S - Stay Gold - exclusive COVID 19 relief song

AS FRIENDS RUST - Laughing Out Loud - Previously unreleased acoustic version
MUFF POTTER - Was Willst Du - previously unreleased on Vinyl or CD
TURBOSTAAT - Sohnemann Heinz (Live @ Conne Island) - from their 2019 album "Nachtbrot"
WINDS OF PROMISE - Just Below The Horizon - previously unreleased
PASCOW - Kriegerin - from their 2019 album "Jade"
THINK ABOUT MUTATION - Hellraver - previously unreleased

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