Two of the pillars of Bilbao's black music scene join forces in a three-track EP with the sole purpose of celebrating the eternal vitality of classic soul and R & B songs.

The Cherry Boppers have been downloading their funk and soul repertoire for stages all over Europe for more than 10 years. His 2008 album "Play It Again!" he turned them into a reference band in the state black music scene, a status that since then they have maintained unalterable energetic live performances.

Dr. Baltz is the incarnation as selector, DJ and DJ of Bita, singer of Akatz , a band that since 1992 represents, with pride and dedication, one of the most important roles within the scene of Jamaican Basque music.

The songs chosen for such a great encounter are "I Do not Need No Doctor" via Ray Charles, renamed "I Do not Need A Doctor", "Mr. Pitiful "by Otis Redding turned into" The Pathetic "and" "Shake Me Baby" by Maceo Parker & All The King's Men, now called "You Only Have to Light Me".

With lyrics adapted to Spanish, Dr. Baltz sings in his personal style recreating the original spirit of the compositions of these classics of black music, with the powerful instrumental support of the well-oiled rhythmic machinery of The Cherry Boppers.

The limited edition EP (500 copies) is published by Brixton Records in his "Soul series" and has a careful presentation (including transcription of the lyrics) plus a CD including the three songs of seven inches at no additional cost.

A Yo No Quiero Un Doctor (Ray Charles 1966)

B1 El Patético  (Otis Redding and Steve Cropper 1965)
B2 Sólo Tienes Que Encenderme  (Maceo and thze kins men 1970)

1 Yo No Quiero Un Doctor
2 El Patético
3 Sólo Tienes Que Encenderme

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