V/A - The Few The Proud - A Tribute To Negative FX - 12"LP

NEGATIVE FX from Boston needs not really a introduction and is to be named as one of the straight-edge Bands from the early 80's
Singer Choke formed also LAST RIGHTS and then SLAPSHOT,STARS & STRIPES if you need more namedropping.
Probably bit lesser known are few Bands that Pay tribute on this compilation but nonetheless each song is filled with pure intensity and Anger.

86 Mentality (USA), Ruination, Reproach (Bel), Vöetsek (USA), Pignation (Pl), Sick Terror (Brasil), Quill (Jap), See You In Hell (Cz), Pissed Youth (Ger),
Life Crisis (US), Cripple Bastards (It), RunnAmucks(USA), Under Pressure(Can), Nailed Down (Austral), Blood I Bleed (Holland), The Stakeout (Fin),
Voorhees(USA), Extortion (Austral), Terminal State (Can)

Comes with two-sided insert and sick Artwork By – Bill Hauser

A1 –86 Mentality Feel Like A Man
A2 –Ruination Together
A3 –Reproach Protestor
A4 –Vöetsek Mind Control
A5 –Pignation I Know Better
A6 –Sick Terror Citizens Arrest
A7 –Quill Negative Fx
A8 –See You In Hell The Few The Proud
A9 –Pissed Youth Punch In The Face
A10 –Life Crisis Primary Attack
B1 –Cripple Bastards Hazardous Waste
B2 –RunnAmucks Turn Your Back / Nightstick Justice
B3 –Under Pressure Modern Problems
B4 –Nailed Down Nuclear Fear
B5 –Blood I Bleed VFW
B6 –The Stakeout Repeat
B7 –Voorhees Might Makes Right
B8 –Extortion IDNTFS
B9 –Terminal State State-Government War Plan

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