AGITATORS ,THE- TIME TO TAKE A STAND - 12"LP lim.200 blood red

Without a doubt, the new album of THE AGITATORS will be one of the records we will put into our personal "top 5" of the records we’ve ever released on our label until today.
Damn, proud is what we are! THE AGITATORS have already existed for about 15 years. 
"Time to take a stand" is their fourth album so far and the first on Contra Records.
If you love the sound of the last ARGY BARGY album, you definitely will love the new AGITATORS too, same as if you like bands such as BOOZE & GLORY, ON FILE or GIMP FIST.
Ten very melodic tracks, a lot of sing-a-long parts and choruses approved at the Antwerp football stadium.
The boys wrote a real anthem for the English Rebellion Festival, the "Facebook Generation" gets a musical kick in the head, some social criticism is done and the football battle hymn "Act As One" is a real smash hit.
But there are not just happy songs on "Time To Take A Stand", "Marjan" or "Gone but not forgotten" are very soulful hommages to beloved people in the life of the song writer.
High class artwork by Ramon Girones, and as we said in the beginning for us here is "Time…" one of the best Oi! and Punk records of the last couple of years.

Available on LP and Digipack CD

100 x Black
200 x Blood Red
200 X Blood Red Splatter

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