First of all, Thanks for another good year and for your permanent  support.

Especially when we release records from bands without a "big name" or completely unknown acts which are only familar to the "insiders". At the end we are surprised and happy if you like these bands as same as we do. Our slogan "No Time For Bad Music" drives us forward and of course we will stick on this motto in 2018. A few "well known acts" and a lot more newcomers. Contra in 2017 and Contra in the future! 

In 2017 we established a new website which was a struggle for months. Beside this we said welcome to our newest Crew member Steffi, who is responsible for shipping and dry humor. 

In the past year we've done not less than 34 records, which is completely sick. Maybe we need someone who says "stop" at some point. But most of the time we are really enthusiastic and want "this must to be released!". So no expensive cars, no hookers and no golden water taps for the Contra team, we rather put the money back into the next debut single of a new band….

Our newest releases are 2 of the best so far, the MASTERLESS DOGS EP and the debut from the FACELESS OFFENDERS. Maybe two contenders for some 2018 yearlists. By the way, here are the "Best Of 2017" lists by our staff:


Album / 10" / 12"

1. Rude Pride – Take it as it comes LP

2. Telekoma  - Die Wurzel allen Übels LP

3. Grade 2 – Break The Routine LP

4. Legion 76 - Banners Fall 10"

5. Cinderblock - S/T Lp (von 2016)

EP / 7":

1. La Inquisición - Verdadera Fe 7"

2.The Young Ones – Our Nose in Their Business E.P.

3. Harrington Saints – Red State E.P.

4. Brutal Bravo - S/T

5. Bromure - A La Roquette E.P.

Best Shows:

1. Shandy – Pogorausch in München

2. Telekoma – Subculture Fight Stories Konzert in Berlin

3. Rude Pride – Blackpool / Rebellion Festival

4. Bromure – Pogorausch in München

5. B Squadron – Blackpool / Rebellion Festival


"Just what came quick to my mind ,No Contra releases(buy them anyway!). No order and i'm sure forgot tons to name,sorry."

Full Record:

The Gift - Running Around This Town

8°6 Crew - Working Class Reggae

StrgZ - Laune der Zeit

Victory  - SOS

Templars-Deus Vult


Spirit Crusher ‎– The Absolute

Complete Loss - Demo Tape

Modern Fidelity - Should've Walked away

The Head X- Demo Tape

Primer Regimen ‎– No Futuro / No Solución



Venezia Hardcore Fest

Cant Keep Us Down Barcelona

War at The Shore fest in Asbury Park

Oi This is Tegelen

Shows :

GIUDA @ Sant Vitus Bar NYC

La Inquision / The Upset @Kids Bar Antwerp

High Society /Aggressive @ Venster99 in Vienna (best firework)

Complete Loss / Negative Vibes @Naked among the Wolves in Berlin

Bovver 96, Legion 76, McGuires Mob, Dive In The Box @Connie's Ric Rac Philly (biggest surprise at a show)


"I can't name 5 records this year…."

Telekoma - Die Wurzel allen Übels LP


Breakdown - Outbreak Fest

Komintern Sect - Contra Bash Dresden

The Flex - Outbreak Fest

Stars & Stripes - Voice Of Oi! Leipzig

Brutal Bravo - Contra Bash Leipzig


Album / 10" / 12"

1. Thunder & Glory - Living In The Crossfire 10" (ok, war die Grenze zu 2016)
2. Legion 76 - Banners Fall 10"
3. Pitfall - S/ T 12"
4. Telekoma - Die Wurzel allen Übels LP
5. Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo 12"

EP / 7":

Tyrant - S/T 7"
La Inquisicion - Verdadera Fe 7"
The Cliches - Divide & Rule 7"
Brutal Bravo - S/T 7"
FCKR - Rattenblick 7"

Best Shows:

The Baboon Show - Groove Station Dresden
Bad Co. Project - Beach Beer Chaos Badalona
Nashville Pussy - Naumann's Leipzig
Komintern Sect - Contra Bash Dresden
The Real Tears - Tsar Bomba Fest Dresden

also great / honorable mentions:
Legion 76 / Manfreds, Crown Court / Beach Beer Chaos, Rancid / Hellfest, Night Fever / Conne Island, Long Tall Shorty / Manfreds 

Last but not least a big thank you and shout outs to our friends and partners in crime: Mike & Longshot Records, Sheldon and Crowd Control Media, Pawel and Oldschool Records, Skippy and Pirates Press Records, Michael & Time For Action, Darrel and Rob A Bank Records, Jordi & Common People Records, Sabandijas Streetwear in Madrid, Thomas and Maria Steeltown, Wouter and Rebellion, Austin and Cadre Records, Dirty Punk Records, Ramon and Berta in Barcelona, David HFMN, Willi and Lydia in Badalona, Jeff Hultgren, Nicole Winter, Marc, Ute, Snoopy, Tim and all at MAD, Riene and Gag at Endless Summer, Andy and Mario at Chemiefabrik, Jürgen and Denny at Manfred, Bomml at Chelseas Choice, the Gang around the Heroin Zine, Yelloi Press, Mano and American Oi!, Lars and his Oi Of America Blog, Paradise, Frank and Crazy United, Master Brille and the Crew at Pogorausch, Franze and Jörg at This Is Ska, Sam and his Monkeys Hamburg Gang, Mark at Sounds Of The Streets, Ingo and D5 Wurzen, Moloko Plus Schreibsklaven, Dirk Klotzbach and Ox Magazine, Black Forest Trojan Crew, Jens, Phil and Legion SPQR, Paul and Daryl at Rebellion Festival, Toni Biermonster and all Prolls, Oi! Is Tegelen Crew, BSC Crew from Paris, Sandro and Matze the biggest thugs between Berlin and Rostock, Ede at Cortina Bob, Lea and Uli Wild At Heart, Spiller and the Don't Panic Crew, Tom at Mass Movement Zine, the whole Subculture Dresden 44 Crew, Tom and GiG Halle, Johnny AJZ Erfurt, Lemmy Wetzlar, Superfan Torti Oimann, Chris and Marseille Crew, Max, Stefan and Schnabel at Cityrat Booking, Nolit and his Punkrockradio, Herr Schmeling at Punk You Want, Tobi Schleiz, Billy and Unity Worldwide Records….and all i forgot….Happy New Year!