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Since its year of build (2011), Melbourne based RazorCut already had to face a vast number of line-up changes. Forced to record (and perform) in a variety of formations, it is worth to mention that these changes never had a negative impact on the band’s music – quite the opposite actually! Even now, with a new bassist (Jig) and drummer (Lyndon) in its ranks, RazorCut managed to stay loyal to its sound, while improving it at the same time. The result is smashing!

The title of this smashing result is the much anticipated sophomore album “Common Enemy”. Anticipated because RazorCut’s first full-length, “Rise Again”, was blinding to begin with but, and let’s be honest here, also because RazorCut is the only band that remotely comes close to the sound of the (hopefully temporarily) disbanded troops of Marching Orders. The reason is obvious of course.

One thing ‘that other band’ never had though were female band-members. Despite that the capacity of the RazorCut-women is reduced to just one, the only original band-member left Doz, the usage of her voice for mainly the back-up vocals is still in full-effect. Along with Al’s supreme vocals it is a match made in heaven, resulting in superb melodies that will have you singing, or at least humming, along almost instantly! Best example is perhaps the final track off the LP, “We Are Not Defeated”, on which Doz also handles part of the main vocals, a feature they should definitely exploit more on future releases to come!

If you were already a fan of RazorCut’s previous work, “Common Enemy” is an absolute no-brainer. Delivering their best work to date, the album features eleven (ten if you consider opener “Our Time Is Now” as some sort of intro) melodic streetpunk anthems that are highly addictive from start to finish. You’ll find yourself listening to this record over and over again, mark my words. Killer!

01. RazorCut 
02. Fighting Spirit
03. Your Enemy 
04. Live To Fight Another Day 
05. Just Another Day 
06. Fight For More 
07. Who Are You? 
08. At The Bar Tonight
09. Another Rich Man 
10. Rise Again 
11. Raise Our Glasses

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