Sheer Terror - Pall In The Family - CD +4 bonus tracks (super jewel box)

The bulldogs of New York Hardcore are back! Four years after their last full-length album – “Standing Up For Falling Down” – and two years after their most recent work, a split single with Lars Frederiksen’s The Old Firm Casuals, the ugly and proud (also known as SHEER TERROR) have returned with four brand new stormers!
 in Europe in a super jewelcase CD – the label’s first! Making sure the CD version is beautiful, loud AND extended, this version will include an eight-page booklet and FOUR bonus tracks, previously only available on vinyl! 

An undisputed must-have!

1,000 copies, super jewel box

01 The Moon’s Gone Out
02 Bohack’s, Wetsons, Tung-Bo & Me
03 North Shore Love Affair
04 Get Me Off This Rock
Bonus tracks:
05 Heresy On The Monkeybars*
06 Blue Shadows Will Fall*
07 Salome*
08 There’s Always Room At The Pines**

* Originally appeared on the “Spite” EP, Reaper Records, 2011
** Originally appeared on the split 7” with The Old Firm Casuals, Pitchfork Label, 2016

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