Topnovil - Out Of Order - CD

Full speed ahead for TOPNOVIL: Melodic Streetpunk backed by powerful gang-vocals, pedal to the metal punk rock but still dirty and mean. Seriously, this is exactly the music you expect from Punks with mohawks and leather jackets, just imagine the "Let's Go" era of RANCID or the TKO / Hellcat Bands around 2000 like LOWER CLASS BRATS, THE FORGOTTEN or TIME AGAIN. Even some line up changes since their last album "Blast the Stereo" couldn't stop them, the guys around band leader Dee Dee still play that high energy sound with lots of power, without ballads, no experiments, they really make "No Compromise". They pay respect to their 2014 tour partners in crime LION' S LAW in a brilliant cover of "Lionheart", beside this you will get 13 new TOPNOVIL Tracks.

01 Step on the Gas
02 Electric
03 Battered and Bruised
04 Nadine
05 Nothing At All
06 Die 2 Ride
07 Ghettoblaster
08 All Over
09 Lionheart
10 Jukebox Jenny
11 Killer
12 Ghosts
13 No Compromise
14 True to the End


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