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45 Adapters - Dress Well, Drink Heavily
Band: 45 Adapters
Land: USA
Titel: Dress Well, Drink Heavily
Cat.#: CR126
7`EP Total Edition 0 -> im Shop
Release: 2013-04
Webseite: https://www.facebook.com/45Adapters?fref
Beschreibung: After shooting out of the gates with 2 quick succession 7" EPs and a number of compilation appearances, 45 ADAPTERS turned a lot of heads with their contemporary spin on a classic and retro sound that includes the likes of THIN LIZZY and THE KINKS as much as THE BUSINESS and 4-SKINS.

45 ADAPTERS is also a band that looks as good as they sound, hence the new EP 'Dress Well, Drink Heavily'. This EP includes 3 brand new songs which continue to pay homage to their skinhead roots and celebrate the lifestyle and good times associated with this classic subculture!
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oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Longshot Music / Contra Records
7" Vinyl
Oi! / Street Punk / Rock & Roll / Mod

Track Listing:

A Dress Well, Drink Heavily
B1 Who Are We Kidding?
B2 Fred Perry Fanatic

Fuck!!! Stop reading this review and go buy this record Now!!!!! Review over...... I am serious go now and get this album, if not you will regret it..... OK I guess since you are still here I will review this album.

First thing I heard right away is that the production on this record is better than any of the production on their other singles. This alone takes them to the next level which for a band that was already part of the cream of the new breed of Oi! bands is awesome. Awesome for my ears!!!!

Right off the bat on the A side you here that Thin Lizzy kick with a mod feel and touches of soul. Totally works and the guitar sound hooks you right away. Tight little bass lines and snappy drumming keep this song driving and catchy. Pickabar the singer brings the soul. While singing about living your life your own way and enjoying it.

The B side starts off with Who Are We Kidding? The lyrics and phrasing is awesome on the song about shy boys growing up and enjoying the company of women ( It is a song about sex). The guitars crash against the deep heavy rhythm. The vocals have a slight frantic feel to them which only adds to this hammer of a track.

Finishing off this single is Fred Perry Fanatic. When I read the track listing I was sure I was not going to like this track. Another song about fashion. I was sure it was going to be boring. God I was wrong! If Oi! had a top 40 this track would be in heavy rotation. This song is so catchy it makes me fucking angry that I am too big to fit into a Fred Perry polo without looking like a stuffed sausage. Just for this track alone the sing is worth it but just wait.... you get two other amazing tracks.

4.90 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of The Who, The Jam, The Purple Hearts, Thin Lizzy, Cock Sparrer, Noi!se, The Cliches, The Templars, Bishops Green, and The Sydney Ducks.
American Oi! Blog - www.american-oi.com
After two 7" records, a split EP with Germany's Stomper 98 and a collection of their work so far simply called 'Collected Works volume 1' on double 10" (also released on CD for those who dont own a record player) the 45 Adapters are back with three new songs on their latest '45' called 'Dress Well, Drink Heavily'.

It took me a while to get into this band, to be more precise in the last quarter of last year, while their first release was back in 2009 already. But when I got my hands on that fantastic looking double 10" when I started listening to the 45 Adapters. With their new EP the band goes on where they left off with the four new tracks on 'Collected Works volume 1', a lot of rockin', a lot of rollin', but most of all a lot of Oi! music in that typical 45 Adapters style. I personally think the band really took it to the next level with these new tracks where especially the title track is one of their best songs till date.

I only have the 'Under One Flag' version of this record which has a generic sleeve, but there is also a regular version of this EP released by Longshot Music and Contra Records which has a full colour sleeve and lyric sheet. Top notch work from New York City once again!


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