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Gimp Fist - Your time has come
Band: Gimp Fist
Titel: Your time has come
Cat.#: CR031
LP 300  
Release: 2009-05
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/gimpfiststreetpunk
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Fighting to survive 00:00:00  
2 Working class 00:00:00  
3 Whatever happened 00:00:00  
4 (don't wanna be) Like you 00:00:00  
5 More war stories 00:00:00  
6 Another day another disaster 00:00:00  
7 Skindeep 00:00:00  
8 That day will come 00:00:00  
9 Heart full of pride* 00:00:00  
10 The real world 00:00:00  
Gesamtlänge: 00:00:00  

FungalPunkNature.com Review - www.fungalpunknature.com

Wow - what a fuckin' album here! This is what its all about! Every street loving punker in this green and rotten land should snap this up and bathe in the documentary style rage and reality based outpourings. Make no mistake about it this is a fuckin' classic and no matter how far in the doldrums this temperamental scene gets its moments like this that are enough to lift up the most pessimistic heads. One hundred percent street Oi but with added depth and vocal inflection so as to move up the whole boots and braces genre a couple of notches. This is Oi with lashings of talent and I for one adore it. Gimpfist have always impressed me and I did feel there was more to come but this...

First up and it's a major opening with the speeding quality of 'Fighting To Survive'. A live wire beginning snatching the attention and never letting go. The first of many a great chorus is had here this time with a defiant and optimistic passion that stirs the tattooed soul. A superb commencement and rivalled in stature by the anthemic brilliance of 'Working Class'. Gimpfists' whole approach is captured here with a hob-nailed, callus-handed sermon of victorious fervour and 'rise against' angst. Delivered with belief and with a depth of sound the Oi scene has long been crying out for. A true brace of belters the triumphant trio of hard-grafting melodies is achieved with 'Whatever Happened'.

Already I ask myself whether or not the CD can get any better and the following pair of pugnacious productions answer in the affirmative as they most certainly raise the lofty standard by another several notches. 'I Don't Wanna Be' is a rythmic ditty reinforced with lyrics that reek of being self proud and unaffected - nowt wrong with that then. It's a total punk message relayed with gusto and is only outshone with the incredible 'More War Stories'. Voted the Fungalpunk song of the year for 2007 this reggae/punk hybrid is a tasty piece of political unrest and a stroke of unadulterated genius. A 100% classic of the modern punk era, in fact anyones all time top ten wouldn't look unbalanced by the inclusion of this premier offering.

We turn for the finishing line with the solid 'Another Day, Another Disaster'. At this point many other albums can be accused of adding the odd filler track to pad out a CD so as to give a more 'value for money' appearing product but more often than not creating an insincere edge and diluting the overall quality. Not so here it is just one top track after another.

'Skin Deep' is the lovey, dovey, besotted snippet and combines the bristle and brawn with poetical romance just so beautifully that the immediate question which arises is just how many shaven headed 'erberts will be dedicating this to their feather cropped girlfriends. Quite a few I expect!

The final trio are as exceptional as anything that as gone before with the song 'That Day Will Come' shuffling in and enthusing of revolution and a resurgence of the underclass. Another passionate verse that is entwined with a crowd winning chorus and another cracker is pulled.

The penultimate number is 'Heart Full Of Pride', a cover of the Perkele anthem, a band yet again severely overlooked in this stinking pit of piss-arsed punkers. This reworking is an utter gem and the entire construction is seeped with convincing belief and uniting promise. If more punk bastards could grasp the soulful meaning that goes into songs like this then the scene would be a whole lot stronger. Nonetheless this is a special cover version and one to cherish.

'The Real World' closes and is one of the best. Being the tail-end track it could be in danger of getting fewer spins than its predecessors and therefore lose considerable merit but I believe the whole gargantuan glory of this cracking outpouring will win the accolades. The chorus again is stunning stuff and as the song builds in force and intent one can be excused for expecting something outstanding - you will not be disappointed. A virulent fervour is borne and only the most lame thinking and indifferent idiots will refuse to acknowledge the strength of this song.

And so a classic for this excellent outfit. The remarkable tunes and commitment just keeps on coming and still the scene seems oblivious. If these guys play Rebellion then the so-called top bands would be in for a real scare as this sturdy unit will equal and better many of them. Any arguments that come my way as to why I support the underdog can be answered in many ways but three words at the moments spring to mind - GIMP fuckin' FIST!

Dave OMD @ fungalpunknature.com


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