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Harrington Saints - Dead broke in the USA
Band: Harrington Saints
Land: (USA)
Titel: Dead broke in the USA
Cat.#: CR039
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Release: 2009-10
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/harringtonsaints
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Dead Broke in the U.S.A. 00:02:22
2 Pub Song 00:02:00
3 Bootstraps 00:02:23
4 Guilty 00:01:56
5 Riot City Dublin 00:02:42
6 Working Class Friday Night 00:02:05
7 Let's Go 00:02:44
8 Fistful of Brass 00:01:19
9 Kings' Schilling 00:03:07
10 A Nation Divided 00:03:17
Gesamtlänge: 00:23:55  

Bandworm Review - www.bandworm.de
Harrington Saints - Dead Broke in the USA LP/CD

Nach diversem 7" Vinyl endlich das erste Komplett-Album der San Francisco/Oakland Oi!sters! Liegt musikalisch irgendwo zwischen Bonecrusher und den Reducers. Exakter US Oi! der am die NorCal Streetpunk-Szene Mitte der 90er erinnert. 10 knackige Songs, darunter mit "Guilty" ein deutliches "Fuck off!" in Richtung George Dabbelju Bush. "Bootstraps" sollte man von der gleichnamigen 7" kennen, dieser Standard wird locker gehalten. Kommt auf farbigem Vinyl und mit 1A-Coverartwork!

Contra/Longshot 2009
Bandworm Bandvorstellung by Paradise - www.bandworm.de
Interpunk Review
Harrington Saints are finally set to unleash their long-awaited full-length debut release 'Dead Broke In The USA'... Preceded by numerous 7" releases including the first single from the album for Bootstraps, this is razor-sharp, aggressive and anthemic streetpunk with plenty of hooks. This band is at the forefront of skinhead rock'n'roll music. This is co-released on color vinyl by Contra Records from Germany and on CD by Pirates Press Records & Contra Records.
Moloko Plus Review - www.moloko-plus.de
Oi! The Print Review (AUT) - http://www.oitheprint.at/
Crazy United Review von sickguy77 - http://www.crazyunited.de/
Oi!vision Review - http://oivision.de
Ugly Punk Webzine - http://uglypunk.de/2010/10/harrington-sa
Pluginmusic - http://www.pluginmusic.com
These days, in punk rock, there might as well be a mental check-list for bands. Intentional or not, they all seem to run down that list when writing and recording their songs. Let's see, there's speed, edginess, attitude, and, often, political messages and, of course, swearing, just to name a few. With their sound falling somewhere between newer but long established punk acts like Rancid and maybe a hint of the Dropkick Murphys, the Harrington Saints hit all the key items on that list. But what's important is that listeners won't be too distracted ticking items off that theoretical list that they don't get to enjoy the band's "Dead Broke in the USA."

While every punk band seems to be trying to push their working class mantra, Harrington Saints do what few can and make it believable. This isn't a band all about swagger and show as "Dead Broke in the USA" gets in and gets out quickly and simply. But that isn't to say they don't leave a mark. Guitar player Mike C. throws in some nice solos on the title track and "Guilty" while "Bootstraps" has a Rancid-like appeal.

By the time the Harrington Saints are done flying through their album, and believe me it doesn't take long, you're pretty much singing along to every chorus. It's simple, it's straightforward and, if you're into punk, it's definitely got some appeal. While other modern day punk acts are swearing allegiance to the old while pumping out albums that sound nothing like them, the Harrington Saints are more subtle and down to earth with "Dead Broke in the USA." B
buy it!

- Corinne
Ox Fanzine - http://www.ox-fanzine.de/


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