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Marching Orders - Days gone by
Band: Marching Orders
Land: (AUS)
Titel: Days gone by
Cat.#: CR053
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Release: 2010-03
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/marchingorders
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Longshot Music / Contra Records
12" LP
Oi! / Street Punk

Track Listing:

A1 Stranger To The New World

A2 Never Let You Down

A3 Everyday Life

A4 Walk Alone

A5 Criminal Class

A6 Days Gone By

A7 No Escape

B1 Mass Hysteria

B2 Weight Of The World

B3 Moment Of Clarity

B4 Something's Gotta Give

B5 Assault And Battery

B6 Years Pass Me By

B7 Pride Of Melbourne

I am really starting to like bands From Australia. Something must be in the water there. Their brash sound is really refreshing. Marching Orders has a nice mix of 80's English Oi!, Aussie Rock and Roll, and Hard Punk like One Way System or Oxymoron.

Their songs ring with an honest sound and delivery. These guys sound like guys I hang out with. Songs about what goes on in their world. Hard tough songs about hard tough lives.

Stranger To The New World starts off this record with a song about not fitting in and how the world has changed and the singer has not. Track has a nice intro followed up by tight tough playing and great use of chorus. Never Let You Down and Everyday Life are catchy songs with melody and big chorus. I really like the lyrics in Everyday Life. The phrasing is great also the use of imagery is really tight.

Walk Alone is a cry of individualism...a solid song if not the most memorable. Criminal Class on the other hand is fucking great with it's throwback sound to the 80's. This song is full of anger and hard shouts. The chorus and the track it self is unrelenting in speed and aggression.

Up next is the title track Days Gone By. This track has a great bass and drum intro that sets up the whole song I love how the singer sounds on this track. He delivers sad lyrics about a man left behind by society and he turns to booze and is homeless. This is a fucking great track.
They finish up the A side with a hard street rocker No Escape . The guitar sounds great and adds a lot of attitude to the track. This has that Aussie rock and roll feel to it.

Mass Hysteria starts off the B side of this record. This is another great track on this record. Lyrics about living in fear....a fear that is pushed upon us by the media. The song is a strong shot of adrenalin on a album with a lot of speed and aggression already. Weight Of The World is more melodic with sharp guitar sound that at times reminds me of Perkele and story telling about people living hard lives.

Moments Of Clarity is a solid song, it just lacks some of the power of other songs on this record. Great deep bass sound starts off the track Something's Gotta Give. This track is a drum and bass stomper with a near march sound to the track. I wish the chorus was bigger in the song. That could have taken this solid track over the top.

Who does not love Rose Tattoo? God knows I do and these guys show their love of their national treasure by doing the Rose Tattoo song Assault And Battery. Is it as good as the original? No. But then, band can play these songs like Rose Tattoo... but with that said it is a fucking good version and worth many listens. Years Pass Me By is a slower sing-a-long street rocker that will have us all sing-a-long at the bar with our friends. The lyrics are words we all can relate to.

To finish off this record is Pride Of Melbourne, the song starts off with a cadence drumming and kinda feels like a Pogues song. Not bad I just feel it lacks power and it is probably my least favorite track on this record.

Overall, really good record that you should check out.
4.5 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of The Corps, Rust, T.H.U.G., Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The Strike, Combat 84, and The $ Skins
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com


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