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Noi!se  - Rising Tide
Band: Noi!se
Land: USA
Titel: Rising Tide
Cat.#: CR112
12`LP 1000  
Release: 2013-01

Nico - Livefreaks.de - http://livefreaks.de/noise-rising-tide/
oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
GMM Records / Contra Records
12" Vinyl
Oi! / Street Punk

Track Listing:

A1 Rising Tide

A2 False Foundations

A3 Blame '12

B1 Time Heals All Wounds

B2 Brothers In Arms '12

B3 How The Deck Is Stacked

B4 On The Outside

"Watching people as they shout their convictions, don't know if they are fact or fiction" This is a line from the title track of one of the most anticipated records to come out this year. I am going to shout my conviction about this band THIS BAND IS NO BULLSHIT! EVERYONE THAT READS THE SHIT I WRITE SHOULD CHECK THIS BAND OUT. That is a fact and cannot be typed with more personal conviction than I feel.

Rising Tide starts off with the title track and the band comes out swinging. Pulling no punches, they attack the status quo and they attack the left and the right for not getting their facts right. What I love about this song is it is not a shout at the government but at us, the people that elect and build the government. They are not shouting at some politician who will never hear this but they are shouting at us who may just go vote or write that politician or get off the couch and do something. This song is right up their with Idol Action. Large sweeping chorus, bouncing bass lines backed up by thundering drums, and guitars that cut and slash through it all. The dual vocals play off each other so well it adds another dimension to what they can do. I have one slight knock on the song, and at times the band: hit the edit button. The track is like 30 seconds too long. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

False Foundations has a hard street rock feel to it. The guitars are ripping and full of power. There is a little bass fill in the middle of the song that is wicked. Both vocals play well off of each others but it is Matt's delivery that separates his style from so many other singers out there.

Blame '12 is a rerecorded version. Right away you hear a better recorded intro: it is heavier and the song feels just a little faster. The guitar is even better after Matt sings and Nate's vocals are sharp. They have given parts of the song almost a hardcore feel to it. It is much heavier and all of this adds a dark edge to the song. Great job seeing where you can take a good song and make it great.

Time Heals All Wounds starts off the B side. At first, I thought the song wasn't bad, but on the second listen I heard all the different parts and now I say it is a fucking awesome hammer of a song. They are spitting out hammers. The track has a nice mid tempo feel, great guitar parts and Matt and Nate's singing just resonate through the whole album. Powerful song.

Brother In Arms is the second track on the B side. It is also a rerecorded version of one of their older songs. Yet again you can hear the difference right from the intro. They made the intro heavier and gave the whole song a great sense of urgency. Bass sounds amazing on this track.

They follow that up with another new track How The Deck Is Stacked. This is a heavy bass and drum driven rocker. You can hear that hardcore was also a influence on their sound and it just gives them another weapon to make killer songs. Hell, the song even has a little breakdown in it. The lyrics are sharp like razors and cut to the bone.

They finish this album up with a acoustic version of On The Outside. It is cool and sounds great, I just would have loved to hear more new music. That gets me to the issue with this record. As good as the rerecorded tracks are and as cool as the acoustic version is I wanted more new songs! I know I am not alone in that feeling as so many of us just love this band. The record is really good i just was hoping for more. That's all. I am done whining. A great way to start 2013 and a great release from GMM records. Keep up the good work.

I would like to thank my brother Rob for letting me borrow his copy so I can get the review done and out there.

4.75 out of 5 Oi!'s
For Fans Of Alternate Action, Bishops Green, 45 Adapters, The Broadsiders, and The Sydney Ducks.
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