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Noise - Walk Beside Us
Band: Noise
Land: USA
Titel: Walk Beside Us
Cat.#: CR057
7` Standard white 350 -> im Shop
7`black 50 -> im Shop
7`EP Total Edition 700 -> im Shop
7`Transparent green 150 -> im Shop
7`Transparent green with Lots of White 150 -> im Shop
Release: 2010-10
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/destinycitynoise
Bilder: 7` Standard white / 3507`black / 507`Transparent green / 1507`Transparent green with Lots of White  / 150
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Blame 00:02:43
2 Pushing On 00:02:11
3 Reasons Why 00:02:01
4 Walk Beside Us 00:01:48
Gesamtlänge: 00:08:43  

Ugly Punk Webzine - http://uglypunk.de/2010/10/noise-%E2%80%
oioimusic - http://www.oioimusic.com/
Four songs from their 5-track demo are reissued on vinyl. The band plays streetpunk and although they claim their main inspiration are the older English bands, they remind me somehow of current american bands as US Bombs or The Generators. Apart from the vocals, who could have sound more powerfull, a decent first release.
Moloko Plus Fanzine - http://www.moloko-plus.de
OX Fanzine - http://www.ox-fanzine.de/web/rev/74677/r
oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Longshot Music / Contra Records
Vinyl 7" E.P.

Track Listing:

A1 Blame

A2 Pushing On

B1 Reason Why

B2 Walk Beside Us

This single starts out with the song Blame. Blame begins with some great heavy drumming and riffs then lead in with a great bass line. Matt and Nate star throwing daggers at those people we all know who blame their own bullshit on others and cover it up with lies. Hell, this even sounds like members of my family. The top notch lyric in this track is " Pointing fingers until you claim your bullshit victory by default". I wish I have said that line to certain people before. Great song full of honest angst that we can all relate to.

They keep the energy up on side A with Pushing On, a straight forward street rocker with a heart felt and introspective look on the struggles of an average working man and how that can lead to rage, depression, and needing your friends and the weekends to blow of steam and make it all feel normal if just for a minute. I understand and have similar feelings and through it all I and most everyone else just keeps pushing on. "Life's paroled so many of my friends and I'm still doing time" Who has not felt that way while just trying to make ends meet?

Side B starts of with Reason Why. It has similar themes as Blame and the song sonically pounds away at you while the singers spits out disgust for those who live in a world built on lies and dishonest behavior.

This 7" finishes up with the sing-a-long friendly Walk Beside Us. Nate and Matt continue their great dual vocals, Nate's raspy punk style gives a nice contrast to Matt's deeper voice. The song blasts in at around one minute and fifty seconds, short and sweet. The guitar and bass playing is truly the musical highlight of the record.

I saw this band live at Two Thousand Tons Of TNT this last summer and as good as these songs sound on this record, they sound better live. The reason is they now have a new drummer who adds a more dynamic sound that totally takes these songs to another level.

For a first release, this band did a bang up job, but every record after this one has gotten better. You hear it loud and clear on their other albums and life with a new drummer...they sound brilliant. Their new record has the potential to be the bar we rate most of the records that come out in 2013. Looking forward to it.

4.5 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of Alternate Action, Those Unkown, Sydney Ducks, 45 Adapters, and Criminal Damage.
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com


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